Day 18: Rustic wood-burning stoves

I saw this rustic cooking range in an outdoor kitchen. I thought it was a clever way to recycle scrap metal. It works by lighting up wood on the left side. The rice or viand is cooked on top of it, and placed on the steel surface to keep warm until meal time.

This kind of made me realize a lot of hype goes into technology, but at its essence it just needs to work!

For instance these lovely Victorian wood stove works on the same principle above:

Kitchen Stove

Kitchen Stove (Photo credit: joinash)

Wood burning stove

Wood burning stove (Photo credit: Southend-on-Sea in Transition)

Wood Burning Stove... La Carolina Lodge

Wood Burning Stove… La Carolina Lodge (Photo credit: Wha’ppen)

Old Wood Burning Stove

Old Wood Burning Stove (Photo credit:

Pinoy ingenuity at work! haha. Have you seen any ingenius projects?

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5 thoughts on “Day 18: Rustic wood-burning stoves

    • cyferREDrose says:

      Thank you Wood Boilers 🙂
      When I was looking for related articles most of them were adds and didn’t have photos.

      The one pictured above does not work exactly like the Victorian era fire place type wood stoves. It has a specific compartment for the tinder and a compartment for baking.

      Maybe I can make a post about it soon 🙂 if there isn’t much about it around.

  1. Donal says:

    Wood stoves play a really important role on the places which are too cold. Wood stoves are good for both kind of people who are economically weak or strong. you don’t need a electricity connection for this.

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