All you need is Kangkong (Water Spinach)

This tropical leafy vegetable is a little-known superfood hero that can solve many modern problems. With promising research in diabetes, liver disease, and alleviating malnutrition this is a veg worth looking at twice. If you need some help with detox, liver repair, and blood sugar regulation or are in the market for some vitamin-rich but quick to eat food and some recipe ideas you might want to keep reading until the end.

I had trouble finding this vegetable in America but it’s very common in South East Asia. It grows in rivers, rice paddies, or home gardens. I finally found some at an Asian Grocery under a different name, apparently this guy has a lot of names: “Kangkong”, “Kangkung”, “Morning Glory”, “Water morning glory”, “Water convolvulus”, “Water Spinach”, “River Spinach”, “Chinese Spinach”, “Chinese convolvulus”, and “Swamp cabbage”. It’s kind of hard to search for something technical with every name, so when digging up medical studies and nutrition profiles I stuck to the scientific name “Ipomea aquatica”.


Medical Benefits, Nutrition Profile, & Recipes:


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Free nutritional data

health just released Nutrition data and its worth having a look if you are interested in your health, or want to start feeding your family healthier food this is very handy to have. I was not compensated for this entry, I am just happy that this feature is available on the net.

Screen shot 2010-11-27 at 10.54.11 AM

from Self’s nutrition data tool

It tells you the nutritional data of raw food like the USDA tag that is behind most products. Aside from this it also tells you the glycemic index, inflammation factor, and fullness and nutrition rating.

Aside from giving you data on your ingredients, this tool can calculate a recipe’s nutritional data for you! They also have a few pages on certain health issues, a personal nutritional tracker, and blog feature on their site.

I will be using this for this blog, and for my own recipes.Have a look yourself, you can use it for free but miss out on some feature if you do. signing up is free and takes less than 5 min.

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