Happy New Year !!!

This year, my space is both smaller and bigger. The last quarter of 2012 was marked by inactivity on this blog. There have been changes in my personal life and a good amount of my energy shifted towards family priorities.

I was in the middle of a move – again, and move around a bit more now a days. My apartment now is smaller, but has more sunlight and is in a safer neighborhood. I don’t always stay there though tending to be closer to and more frequently visiting Angeles. So there is a bit more space in that regard.

Manila Skyline

Manila Skyline (Photo credit: airforcefe)

This blog is still going in the same direction however: homesteading, DIY, and a fascination for things made from scratch.

I wanted this blog to do well, and its starting to get there. Despite the aforementioned inactivity I’m getting 5-15 hits a day! Its not a huge number like some extremely popular sites get but I’m happy that people are reading the stuff here and that it’s hopefully been helpful.

Happy 2013

Happy 2013 (Photo credit: evalottchen)

So I want to say thank you, and ask you what would you like to see written about here this year ? Some feedback would really help! =)