Day 21: Chestnut Vanilla Latte

With all the fuss about hazelnut lattes (which are good mind you) why not try a chestnut latte? This was a bit of an experiment on my part and it turned out okay. But as with most experiments, you learn how to do it a little better next time.

Chestnut vanilla latte

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Day 19: Cofee round up, Thank you readers!

I noticed that coffee has been pretty simple for me to post about. I’m thinking this might be part of my niche, and i guess i will be thinking about the experience of 30DoC. I don’t strictly follow the thirty days themes, but i am putting craftsmanship into everyday of June.

I have been happy about it, and was surprised that my site traffic increased! I’m glad to know that some of the skills i have researched have been helpful or at least pleasurable to readers like you! =)

Thank you for the support!

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