Sly Truffle honey


truffle (Photo credit: Scott Darbey)

Truffles are expensive. They make everything they are put in more extravagant. One of the best things they can be put in aside from cheese is honey -to put on the said cheese. Truffle honey tastes like the earth stops moving for a few seconds. You can make similar at home for less with this little trick. Continue reading


Day 25: Reverse engineering cheese

Liberty Christmas Dinner: Cheese Board

Liberty Christmas Dinner: Cheese Board (Photo credit: ulterior epicure)

At its essence, when it come to the art of making cheese all cheeses are the same. A counessour would scoff at that. But if you haven’t turned your nose up yet I’m using art in the greek sense as a “way of doing”. They are not created equally, and have different characteristics, but they are all essentially milk solids.

There are a myriad of types of cheese. The determining factors are

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