Eating Organic Detoxes You from Pesticides (and other processed food chemicals)

Whats the fuss about Organic?

Organic just means the food is grown without pesticides, excessive antibiotics, and are not genetically modified. If you haven’t been eating organic, that means that these chemicals are probably in your system.. But don’t worry They aren’t stuck there forever! This video shows a study on how long it takes to detox from mass produced and overly processed foods. The good news is it doesn’t take too long after you start eating clean!


Chia seeds are awesome!


Chia has been trending in my health food radar recently, and I didn’t really get the point until I tried it today. I figured it was another superfood grain or nutty additive like flax seed or nutritional yeast. I had some today, and it felt awesome!


Medical Benefits, Nutrition Profile, & Recipes:

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All you need is Kangkong (Water Spinach)

This tropical leafy vegetable is a little-known superfood hero that can solve many modern problems. With promising research in diabetes, liver disease, and alleviating malnutrition this is a veg worth looking at twice. If you need some help with detox, liver repair, and blood sugar regulation or are in the market for some vitamin-rich but quick to eat food and some recipe ideas you might want to keep reading until the end.

I had trouble finding this vegetable in America but it’s very common in South East Asia. It grows in rivers, rice paddies, or home gardens. I finally found some at an Asian Grocery under a different name, apparently this guy has a lot of names: “Kangkong”, “Kangkung”, “Morning Glory”, “Water morning glory”, “Water convolvulus”, “Water Spinach”, “River Spinach”, “Chinese Spinach”, “Chinese convolvulus”, and “Swamp cabbage”. It’s kind of hard to search for something technical with every name, so when digging up medical studies and nutrition profiles I stuck to the scientific name “Ipomea aquatica”.


Medical Benefits, Nutrition Profile, & Recipes:


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Day 26: Beeswax Cheese Wax

Cheese on a market in Basel, Switzerland

Cheese on a market in Basel, Switzerland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cheese is epic. And in a country that still has an emerging cheese production culture, where oh where do you get cheese wax ?!?

I never quite liked the wax on the cheese, it gets in the way of eating the cheese methinks. But surprise! its actually good for the cheese, and makes it last longer! If you know a bee keeper, there is a recipe here for you. If not, you can just apply the concepts here and use cheese wax.

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Day 25: Reverse engineering cheese

Liberty Christmas Dinner: Cheese Board

Liberty Christmas Dinner: Cheese Board (Photo credit: ulterior epicure)

At its essence, when it come to the art of making cheese all cheeses are the same. A counessour would scoff at that. But if you haven’t turned your nose up yet I’m using art in the greek sense as a “way of doing”. They are not created equally, and have different characteristics, but they are all essentially milk solids.

There are a myriad of types of cheese. The determining factors are

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Stroopwafels Are Awesome! and Have You Seen These Pretty Irons Before?


stroopwafel (Photo credit: roboppy)

Stroopwafels are awesome. Period. And it would be really cool to make them at home. So a search began. The main difficulty in making these is having hardware, the shallow waffle iron.

These irons are shallower than the regular waffle irons. Some are electric, some are stove top, and there are still irons for the fire place or wood burning stoves.

They are used to make cinnamon (stroopwafel), cardamon (krumkake), or anise spiced (pizelle) cookies. Stroopwafels have a Continue reading