Synchronizing online accounts

Having all of your social networks intertwined this way makes it easier on you to manage your posts. Most platforms allow cross posting now. That is you post on one and it will let you post on your other accounts via a link.

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Instagram in a nutshell

30Doc 2012 banner

30 DOC Day1: Make an instagram

To facilitate sharing photos my main task was to set up an Instagram account. I it did a little earlier but havent posted about it until now. I know this isn’t exactly a friday theme, but I had no ideas what to do with “Friday”. Maybe Rebecca Black is hipster?


Instagram is a service/social networking site now owned by Facebook. Its kind of like twitter but with photos. You can take a photo and do some minor editing (adding a color filter with an optional frame & one of two blurs). It’s very simple. Just sign up, load the app into your iPhone or Android, and snap away! The commenting system allows you to #tag and point or comment to a @person’s user name. There are artists that post their #sketches, #art, #drawings and other sorts of topics you can think of.

English: A collage of an image modified with 1...

English: A collage of an image modified with 16 different Instagram filters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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