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Tamagoyaki is a Japanese dish similar to an omelet. It’s scrambled eggs a little thicker than crepes rolled into layers. It’s those little egg rolls in the photo above. It can be a bit tricky to make but if you have a flat rubber spatula (for baking) and patience then you can easily master it. It took me a couple of fails to get a hang of it. The secret is in pouring the egg in batches, rolling it slowly so it doesn’t rip and making sure the new batch you pour in cooks into the last.

Tamagoyaki Recipe:

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One way of doing Soboro is like this:

To know more about the history, culture and context of this dish have a look here. Maki is half Japanese, so she would know more about this than me – her recipes always have cultural snippets and she explains the techniques well. She also posted a soboro recipe there.

My quick version of soboro, for bentos and quick dinners.

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