Sly Truffle honey


truffle (Photo credit: Scott Darbey)

Truffles are expensive. They make everything they are put in more extravagant. One of the best things they can be put in aside from cheese is honey -to put on the said cheese. Truffle honey tastes like the earth stops moving for a few seconds. You can make similar at home for less with this little trick. Continue reading


Day 26: Beeswax Cheese Wax

Cheese on a market in Basel, Switzerland

Cheese on a market in Basel, Switzerland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cheese is epic. And in a country that still has an emerging cheese production culture, where oh where do you get cheese wax ?!?

I never quite liked the wax on the cheese, it gets in the way of eating the cheese methinks. But surprise! its actually good for the cheese, and makes it last longer! If you know a bee keeper, there is a recipe here for you. If not, you can just apply the concepts here and use cheese wax.

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