Day 24: Getting a Creative Commons license easy as 123

English: Three “Layers” Of Creative Commons Li...

English: Three “Layers” Of Creative Commons Licenses Русский: Трия “слоя” лицензий Creative Commons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Creative commons or CC license is similar to a copyright. The chief difference being you allow others to share your work. Basically they aught to cite you. You have the option of allowing derivatives (edited, or your work is added to someone else’s). You also have the ability to set that they can share it if they share similar things too. And you can set if it can be used commercially or not. Basically, it protects your work and you choose limits on how it can be used.

Getting a creative commons license is very simple and there are a couple ways to it quickly. The easiest option is to use a platform that automatically licenses it for you (a list is available here). The second way requires minimal effort. The slightly more effort route as going to the site and register. Don’t worry though, its free! Many argue that the internet’s basic structure was meant for sharing, and i tend to agree. But if your work is important to you, its a good idea to keep your bases covered.

Are you happy with your current CC situation? Do you know of any other platforms that give you a CC license? Or another way of getting the CC license?
I hope this post helped if you were looking into it!

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Day 23: How to make a social networking button

You can easily make your own buttons and code it in to your blog. Since i am on wordpress, Java script is a no-no. So this post outlines how to put up social networking buttons in HTML friendly language. The same process applies to stitching in a regular linked button as well!

Pantone Colour of the Year Social Media Icons set featured above by Isa Seminaga is available for free at her website. Its a nice sleek minimalist set, and I would have used them but honey suckle and tangerine are a few shades different from Bueno default pink. Continue reading