65 Things To Do With Your Waffle Iron

Waffle Irons are a notoriously clunky one job tool… But is it? Is it really? Here is a round up of some of the most innovative ways to get more use  out of the mighty waffle iron.
Some of these experiments and blog entries show that doughs and thicker or dense batters take best to waffle-ing. While some recipes use the waffle iron to cook in other cases pre-cooked foods are also waffled. It was fun to look at all the ideas! Are you ready to waffle it?

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Stroopwafels Are Awesome! and Have You Seen These Pretty Irons Before?


stroopwafel (Photo credit: roboppy)

Stroopwafels are awesome. Period. And it would be really cool to make them at home. So a search began. The main difficulty in making these is having hardware, the shallow waffle iron.

These irons are shallower than the regular waffle irons. Some are electric, some are stove top, and there are still irons for the fire place or wood burning stoves.

They are used to make cinnamon (stroopwafel), cardamon (krumkake), or anise spiced (pizelle) cookies. Stroopwafels have a Continue reading