Spam Musubi


Spam Musubi by Biggie



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Bento&co contest

Bento&co | The Bento Shop – Bento&Co contest.

A Kyaraben depicting pandas

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Bento&co is curently running a bento making contest. There are 20 prizes up for graps, with the top winner getting a trip to Japan and 6 days in a private home rented out in Kyoto. If you are living in France, you also receive tickets. Second to tenth place receives $71 (50) worth gift certificates for their store. 11th to 20th place gets $42 (30€) worth gift certificate.

Since its time based you can opt to be in the running for the ticket and the home, or just the home, or just the certificates.

The theme is: A bento for someone you love. It does not necessarily have to be a charaben (the highly decorative ones with characters). For more information look at their website linked above. The rules and other specifics are also available here.

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