Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and more!


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This is one of the books that started that itch in my brain about making things from scratch. It has many recipes and beautiful photos of different artisanal foods (ice creams, syrups, even making cones!) If you enjoy the idea of artisanal food, this is definitely a resource to check out.

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Eat Ice Cream:

  • In milk shakes, smoothies, or out of the pint. You can take it alone, with flavored syrup, nuts, sprinkles, fruits, candy bars or cookie crumbles.
  • On top of pies, brownies, cake, crepes, or waffles.
  • In between two cookies or biscuits for an ice cream sandwich.

Make Ice Cream:

A comparative review the best artisanal ice cream cook books out there.
100 Ways to Ruin Ice Cream
by Jennifer Reese former book critic for Entertainment Weekly, author of Make the Bread, Buy the Butter, blogs at the Tipsy Baker on


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Stroopwafels Are Awesome! and Have You Seen These Pretty Irons Before?


stroopwafel (Photo credit: roboppy)

Stroopwafels are awesome. Period. And it would be really cool to make them at home. So a search began. The main difficulty in making these is having hardware, the shallow waffle iron.

These irons are shallower than the regular waffle irons. Some are electric, some are stove top, and there are still irons for the fire place or wood burning stoves.

They are used to make cinnamon (stroopwafel), cardamon (krumkake), or anise spiced (pizelle) cookies. Stroopwafels have a Continue reading