Eating Organic Detoxes You from Pesticides (and other processed food chemicals)

Whats the fuss about Organic?

Organic just means the food is grown without pesticides, excessive antibiotics, and are not genetically modified. If you haven’t been eating organic, that means that these chemicals are probably in your system.. But don’t worry They aren’t stuck there forever! This video shows a study on how long it takes to detox from mass produced and overly processed foods. The good news is it doesn’t take too long after you start eating clean!


Pizza nom nom

How To Make A Pizza, Or Something Like It. (by Kristin W.)

This makes baking pizza look so easy! I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before. For more information on how to do this, or to comment please click through link.

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Weekly Salad Prep. (via Herbivore Meals)

Ah see that’s what I’ve been doing wrong! The secret is in the paper towel =)

Weekly Salad Prep. I think I’ve mentioned my storage method for lettuce before, but I thought I’d clarify using my newly acquired salad greens as an example. Rather than simply rinsing I prefer to soak the greens in cool water with some Grapefruit seed extract added to it. I use about 9 drops in a salad spinner full of water, it’s not critical. This crisps them up and cleans them quite effectively. Then I lift our the basket, dump the water, and spin the greens dry … Read More

via Herbivore Meals