Nutribullet Makes What?

Smoothies and green juices have become very popular in the past couple of years especially with the health and nutrition conscious. But what is the fuss about this nutribullet gizmo?

It makes you smoothies. Fruit smoothies are great, but you can add your greens to them too. I don’t want to have to think about my daily servings of veggies or eat a salad with every meal, so think of this as drinking your salad instead – but it tastes like the fruit you put with it! And brownie points for adding in nutrient dense superfoods.

In that vein a nutribullet is also a great way to make soups, and the Nutribullet Rx (their highest end model) can actually cook the soup for you. Its flexible though and can also be used to make ice cream, nut milks, flour, dough and batter, whipped cream and frosting. A multi use tool with great health benefits! I’m crazy about it right now.

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