Tropical Typhoons: Are you at Risk? #wdrrisk

Typhoon season has already started in the Philippines, and the past couple of years the country has seen terrible damages from Ondoy/Ketsana and Yolanda/Haiyan. I chose to make a resource on typhoon season (imo calling it “rainy season” is an understatement), how to mitigating some of its risks, and volunteerism.

I wrote a bit about MOOCs and the World Development Bank’s “Risk and Opportunity:Managing Risk for Development” class here. The class is almost done now and its time to submit our final projects. Its a bit off topic from food and DIY, but this blog has a wider audience and spreading information is the strongest defense in preparing for risks. Posting here will also auto share to my linked Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts.

The course data was formatted and synthesized together in a way to encourage learning. Some of what was taught seems like common sense after you hear it, and many methods seems quite simple – however its not always implemented or followed. Learning about obstacles to risk management was also covered in the class and it calls that behavior ‘irrational’ haha. Anyways, its been a fun class and I learned a bit ^_^


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