Sly Truffle honey


truffle (Photo credit: Scott Darbey)

Truffles are expensive. They make everything they are put in more extravagant. One of the best things they can be put in aside from cheese is honey -to put on the said cheese. Truffle honey tastes like the earth stops moving for a few seconds. You can make similar at home for less with this little trick.

Truffle sampler (Photo Credit:

Unless you have one of those upscale restaurants with a locked truffle safe – it’s hard to come by. And Pro chefs hate hate hate HATE (unless you’re an oddball) truffle oil.

truffle oil

truffle oil (Photo credit: Cornell Fungi)

Commercial truffle oil is not pressed truffle. But rather oil made by a perfumer to smell like truffles (and thereby transmit an amount of its flavor to your pallet) in olive or extra virgin olive oil as a carrier.

In the perfumer’s defense, it’s probably nature-identical (smells the same but is a different organic matter). And the chef’s issue with is the potency of the imitation truffle smell overpowers the other food. In this case, you want the overpowering smell to flavor the honey. So this more economical trick (it’s most definitely a dirty little trick ) works in a pinch when you need the world to shut up for a few seconds.

Lulu white truffle honey (Photo Credit:

Savani Tartufi Extra truffle in Acacia Honey (Photo Credit:

You see that honey up there? well, you can make similar for cheaper like this.

  • In a small container add honey.
  • Add enough truffle oil to coat it.
  • Whisk it. With one of those teeny tiny sauce whisks. If you can afford the truffle oil, you can afford the teeny tiny whisk. Unless the oil made you broke. Then use a teeny tiny spoon. Or a chopstick.

You want to emulsify the oil into the honey. You want there to be teeny tiny bubbles of oil dispersed throughout the honey. You want it to be mixed very well. If the texture appears rough then it’s over mixed and needs to settle a bit. If it too smooth then there is too much oil. If its slightly opaque, then you got it right! ding ding ding ding!

castelmagno with truffle honey.JPG

castelmagno with truffle honey.JPG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now all you have to do is add it to your cheese board. It goes well with strong cheeses and macadamia nuts. Forget the crackers. I’ll eat this with cheese alone.

Some people have found it complex. It might not have been mixed properly. Or not to their liking. It’s not for everyone, but if you do like it -it’s EPIC.



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