Stroopwafels Are Awesome! and Have You Seen These Pretty Irons Before?


stroopwafel (Photo credit: roboppy)

Stroopwafels are awesome. Period. And it would be really cool to make them at home. So a search began. The main difficulty in making these is having hardware, the shallow waffle iron.

These irons are shallower than the regular waffle irons. Some are electric, some are stove top, and there are still irons for the fire place or wood burning stoves.

They are used to make cinnamon (stroopwafel), cardamon (krumkake), or anise spiced (pizelle) cookies. Stroopwafels have a caramel like syrup filling, and krumcake and pizelles are usually stuffed with cream. Each respective country has a different style of motif on their irons.  Sometimes the cookies are shaped into cones, small cups, rolls, or taco type shells. The waffels/cookies are best shaped while they are warm.

Nederlands: Een stroopwafelijzer op de markt i...

Nederlands: Een stroopwafelijzer op de markt in Nijmegen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were artisan cones in Jenni’s Splendid ice creams at home. I didn’t know where these beautiful things came from. In the search for stroopwaffel irons I discovered that krumkake irons make the really really pretty motifs. Scandinavian food is so pretty! I ran into a whole other world of making cookies. Pizelle irons, krumkake irons and timbale cookie irons all make ornamental desserts.

English: Warm krumkake fresh from the hot iron...

English: Warm krumkake fresh from the hot iron being shaped with a conical wooden rolling pin in a cooking demonstration at Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pizzelle Cookie - 41

Pizzelle Cookie – 41 (Photo credit: Total City Girl)

My kitchen is small, so im not one for those one job appliances. But in exchange for stroopwafels… adjustments can be made. More in-depth research revealed that these aren’t  necessarily one job machines though. A stroopwafel iron, pizzelle iron, and krumkake iron can be used interchangeably. In this forum a pizelle iron is used to make stroopwafels. And according to this forum a pizzelle iron and krumkake iron can be used interchangeably. So given that youre interested in making all three, ice cream cones, and cookie crisps then you have a multiple job tool. Just pick the design you prefer.

The Krumkake:


krumkake (Photo credit: spazzbot)

English: wave-iron Deutsch: Hartwaffeleisen

English: wave-iron Deutsch: Hartwaffeleisen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Pizelle :


Pizzelle (Photo credit: camknows)


pizzelles (Photo credit: eyspahn)

The second problem is this, they are relatively expensive and hard to come by. Sure amazon has some machines, but I am not in the US. Or Europe for that matter. So for now, I am pining.

If you on the other hand *do* have a stroopwafel iron here is a reliable video from on how to make them!

P.S. Do you know of other uses for these pretty irons? Or another type of iron that will work with these cookies? How do you make your Stroopwafles, Pizelles, and Krumkakes ?


One thought on “Stroopwafels Are Awesome! and Have You Seen These Pretty Irons Before?

  1. mer says:

    love this stroopwafles, just curious what they mix to have inviting smell.i tried to make one but cant get the right smell of a fresh make wafle.does any one knows here who can help me

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