Day 22: An HTML (or Java) Language Translator for your blog

If you will notice, we now have translation support! YAY. An amount of site’s hits are from non english speaking countries, so I thought maybe its time for a flag counter and language support. Double yay!

via A Complete Flag Translate Gadget For Blogger And WordPress | Spice Up Your Blog.

This article goes in depth about how to manually code HTML for links to Google web page translator. The text isn’t as colorful as the tool below which started this quest, but for now it works.

It’s nice and would have been a lot easier, but it’s Java.
Sometimes I feel like at wordpress we trade in typography for java (re: plugins and widgets). The lack of java support is frustrating, but the platform is generally user friendly.

This is not a “creation” in the creativity sense but it took a while to do and good days research to get done so i think it should count. And its not June anymore. And I owe you 8 more.

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Do you use language support on your site? Was this helpful to you ? Do you know of another way to get widgets into sites?


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