Day 21: Chestnut Vanilla Latte

With all the fuss about hazelnut lattes (which are good mind you) why not try a chestnut latte? This was a bit of an experiment on my part and it turned out okay. But as with most experiments, you learn how to do it a little better next time.

Chestnut vanilla latte

For this latte I used 2 tea spoons (not the baking kind, the cutlery kind) of Chestnut Vanilla puree iv been itching to try. This lovely product is also known as creme de marron or chestnut cream. The puree would do well in a pie with some whole or half chestnuts, but it wasn’t the Nutella-ish flavor I was expecting! It was much lighter and sweeter.

The puree alone was very sweet. And my milk was cold. Adding ice, making it a blended coffee, or steaming the milk would have made it a good cup. But at slightly warmer than out of the fridge it felt off. It wasn’t the best experience but the puree shows promise.

I thought using the syrup would be like using caramel instead of caramel syrup in lattes. Silly me. Most of it stayed at the botton to give me a “surprise! im sweet!” for the last fourth of my cup. If you have a sweet tooth then you would like this. I would compare it to making a dolche latte with syrups from a country with a penchant for the sweet.

Chestnut-Vanilla Latte

1 shot espresso

3 (baking) tsp. Chestnut vanilla puree/ Creme de  Marron

1/3 cup milk


Blend it up, or stir really well.

Have you tried creme de marron? What have you used it for? Im itching to figure out about its uses! 

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