Day 16: Latte art

I felt like posting a latte art photo. This is a Vanilla latte, kinda.  This has way more milk foam than a latte aught to have so its actually a cappuccino. Like i mentioned in my hazelnut latte post, 1Tbsp and 1/3 cup. The only difference being vanilla, steamed milk with milk froth saved for the top, some caramel drizzle, and a toothpick.

If youre going to get technical there is a proper proportion of milk foam to steamed milk, but i really just wanted a milk coffee so no harm done. It’s yummy. I know a lot of people really into coffee turn their nose down on milk and sugar in the mix. It can hide the beans quality, or particularly the lack there of. I know that, and though i like straight shots too my stomach cant take it first thing everyday. So to ease up on the hyperacidity, i add some milk. Funny how milk is acidic anyways (but it helps!). Anyways, thanks for stopping by! and have a latte day =)

Have you had a latte today?

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Today was latte art, and its photo of course! Curious about 30 days of creativity? Click here for my other 30 DoC 2012 posts.


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