Day 15: A Hazelnut Latte, and Its 2 most Important Measurements

Making coffee is kind of like baking. The measurements are important. What i keep in my head though is two golden measurements in making coffee. 1 table spoon, and 1/3 cup. Sure there are coffee blends that have milk foam and several syrups, but to make a simple milk coffee that tastes great just remember, 1 Tbsp and 1/3 Cup.

Hazelnut coffee seems expensive or particularly luxurious. Demystified it’s really just syrup, espresso, and milk. If you want to be more elaborate you can steam up some milk and make latte art but i didn’t bother this time.

Hazelnut latte

  • 1 shot Hazelnut syrup
  • 1 shot espresso
  • 1/3 cup milk

Servings: 1 Prep: 10 min Cook: 3 min

For this I used an espresso machine, but you can use a percolator or even a coffee machine. It just takes more time, and that can go into a different post. If you have your syrup lined up and your milk measured out then the prep time is much shorter. Those pumps make pouring out the syrup much easier, but i dont have them. A shot of syrup is two pumps, or 1 Tbsp.

Whats your favorite syrup ? And how do you make your quick coffee?

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On this day i made a latte, and a photo of it =) Curious about 30 days of creativity? Click here for my other 30 DoC 2012 posts.


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