Day 13:This is a latte

This is a latte. Lattes are Americano‘s milk couzin. Where an Americano is expreso and water, a Latte is espresso, milk, and a small layer of milk foam.

This is also latte art. The flower on it is made out of caramel syrup carefully drizzled and shaped. Patterns with a topping and syrup are not the only form of latte art. Pouring the milk into the espresso lets you make a motiff with the milk foam called a rosetta. It requires a specific type of lipped cup. And I don’t have one of those, so you can just stare my caramel =P

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I posted a food phoneto today and talked a bit about latte art. Curious about 30 days of creativity? Click here for my other 30 DoC 2012 posts.


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