Day 9: Doppio con Panna

One of the simplest coffees to prepare.

Double shot of espresso, with some whipped cream!

The only easier coffee is an espresso straight. Just one shot, and plain. Some alternatives are Ristretto which has less water (and is therefore stronger), and lungo has a little more water (and never to the point that it becomes an americano!). They literally mean restricted, and long describing the amount of water allowed to pass through the portafilter.

Image by Mark Prince,, 2006, ri...

Image by Mark Prince,, 2006, rights released for wikipedia. Image can also be found at (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Simple does not necessarily mean easy. I grind my own beans, and many espresso enthusiasts do. The fresher the grind, the sharper the flavors are. Some science goes into that about the oils being released etc etc. But i wont bore you with too many details.

Some people also like to roast their own beans, and from there its a step away from growing your own. Espresso is a very hands on coffee, it isn’t idiot proof but if you treat it well you can learn to make a great shot every time.

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