Day 8: Sakura Lantern

I think I have given up on following the themes. I get a little finnicky about it not being the right theme and end up not posting. So I’m going to just make and post. Me thinks the making part is more important than the theme. So I give you, a lantern. Or rather, a photo of a lantern. This can kinda fit in with day8 bonsai. I have several posts to catch up on…

A #japanese #lantern and a bunch of #filters and #edit. What makes #iponeography a unique medium? #30doc

My 30DoC is actually the photo editing that went into the photo. 100% iphone.

But i might as well talk about if for the DIYers out there =) If you have a local Japanese goods store you can probably buy this from their decor section. There is the paper part, and the inner wire frame. You place the frame inside and gingerly open it. And pop, your lantern sticks out. You can put a light bulb inside it, but i put it under a light instead. Other lanterns are lit with a candle or flame inside and released to float up during festivals. It seems like a trend for weddings this year.

When was the last time you lit a lantern?


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