30 Days of Creativity Banners

30Doc 2012 banner

30DoC Day2: Make a blog Banner

Its not in strict compliance with todays Fire theme, but this can still help others doing 30DOC. Im going to be using these as a header/footer for my posts.

The 30 DoC site has a button available for blogs, but no banners. So I decided to make one as a header for my posts using the planner they have provided for free use. I do not own 30DoC, please dont sue me or get all copyright on me.

This was made as 490 x 117 for the bueno wordpress theme. If you would like this in a different size, let me know =)

Running Tally:

Day 1: Instagram in a nutshell 

Day 2: 30 Doc Blog banner

Day 3: Corn for Thanksgiving

Day 4: Trouser Pants

Day 5: Up in the sky

Day 6: Something Pinball

Day 7: Something friends


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