Weekly Salad Prep. (via Herbivore Meals)

Ah see that’s what I’ve been doing wrong! The secret is in the paper towel =)

Weekly Salad Prep. I think I’ve mentioned my storage method for lettuce before, but I thought I’d clarify using my newly acquired salad greens as an example. Rather than simply rinsing I prefer to soak the greens in cool water with some Grapefruit seed extract added to it. I use about 9 drops in a salad spinner full of water, it’s not critical. This crisps them up and cleans them quite effectively. Then I lift our the basket, dump the water, and spin the greens dry … Read More

via Herbivore Meals


One thought on “Weekly Salad Prep. (via Herbivore Meals)

  1. Zachery Ellingham says:

    Sometimes referred to as GSE, the Grapefruit Seed Extract, is a highly concentrated blend of the pink pulp, orange skin, and seeds of the grapefruit. Already known as a healthy fruit to eat or juice to drink, the extract form is a more efficient way to consume the valuable nutrients the grapefruit has to offer. You’ll notice that the Grapefruit Seed Extract offers an immense variety of benefits for the human body. ..

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