I knit to Listen


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I recently got Charlaine Hariss’s Newest audio book, “Dead Reckoning”. Its the latest in the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries, I hope for some Eric/Sookie love. I spent an amount of the first ten books knitting X-mas gifts. So now, despite my hectic schedule I want to knit a bit. A scarf for myself this rainy season. I know I should feel like I deserve it. Since I have done several reports and papers since the term started. Not to mention the thorough reading I have been doing. So here is to you all, and thank you for understanding my blog silence.

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2 thoughts on “I knit to Listen

  1. tammyspianostudio says:

    Thank you for including my short little post from this summer’s knitting class for piano students. I had a fun time teaching 7-9 year old’s how to knit for the first time. This was over a 3-class session that was held once a week so they could practice in between and bring back show and tell each week. I also knit in public and it is so interesting to have people come up to me and ask questions “What are you doing”? or “What are you making?”. Happy knitting to everyone!
    ~ Tammy

    • cyferREDrose says:

      No problem =) I found your owl really cute!
      The response I get is usually “oh you know how to do that?” (aside from what are you making and some ironic granny jokes) I think it’s real nice that you’re teaching young kids to knit. It’s become a lost art, but im glad that more people are picking it up again =)

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